Commercial Grease Trap & Lift Station Cleaning Services, Twin Falls, ID

Bill’s Sewer & Drain Service, Inc. technicians know that problems with your septic system can lead to a loss in profit for your business. Because of that, we are committed to providing the best service available for all septic tank services and line cleaning that you may need! If you need emergency service, you can contact us anytime at (208) 733-2607

Emergency Grease Trap Pumping & Maintenance Septic Service

Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning in Jerome, ID
Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning in Jerome, ID
A grease trap is a device that intercepts, or traps, most greases and solids before they enter into a wastewater disposal system, working to prevent a clogged septic or sewer line and septic tank damage. These are common in restaurants and foodservice kitchens. 

To ensure that you are properly trapping fats, oils, grease, and solids, we recommend that you schedule regular following cleaning and maintenance appointments with us.
We will perform the following steps during each pumping session:

🔴 Inspecting all parts for signs of rust, wear, or leaks.
🔴 Emptying traps all the way to the bottom.
🔴 Scraping all parts of the grease trap so that it is completely clean.
🔴 Using our hydro jet system for pipe and drain line cleaning services.

Wastewater Lift Station Repair & Maintenance

A lift station moves water from a lower to a higher elevation. This is an important part in a sewage collection system because it helps save money on excavation and digging sewer lines. Due to the fact that there are many components of a lift station, it is important that each part is regularly inspected and maintained. Our lift station professionals are experienced in all aspects of lift station maintenance and can help keep this system working flawlessly.
No After Hours or Emergency Fees!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for septic tank pumping and cleaning services.

24-7 septic tank pumping and cleaning services
24-7 septic tank pumping and cleaning services
Whether you need regularly scheduled maintenance or emergency service to clean out the drain because of a full grease trap, call us at (208) 733-2607 or contact us online! We work quickly and efficiently to prevent you from losing sales and customers!
🔴 Twin Falls (208) 733-2607
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🔴 Wood River Valley (208) 578-9196
🔴 Jerome (208) 324-4905
🔴 Buhl (208) 543-4151

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