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One of the most important things you can do to maintain your septic system is to schedule regular maintenance. Call us today at (208) 733-2607 to schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping (or to inquire about the cost) and preventative cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties!
Septic Pumping & Cleaning Services Company in Twin Falls, ID

Septic Tank Pumping Services

It is recommended that you pump and empty your septic tank every 2-5 years, but each tank is different and there are a number of factors that influence how often it should be done to keep it functioning properly.

These four major factors include:

🔴 Household size, or the number of people living in your home.

🔴Total wastewater generated by those in your house. Using your water efficiently improves the workings of your septic system and makes it less likely to fail.

🔴 Volume of solids in wastewater, including what you flush and the liquids you pour down the drains. Disposing of food instead of putting it in the garbage disposal will also help lengthen the life of your septic system.

🔴 Septic tank size.

If you are unsure but suspect that your pump may need maintenance, it could be time for a pump out. If you’re unsure but suspect that your tank may be full due to a foul odor, pooled water, slow drainage, finding sewer water backing up into your tub, or changes in your grass, call us right away for a septic tank inspection and emergency septic pumping!
Unclog and clean out main sewer drain in Jerome, ID
Unclog and clean out main sewer drain in Jerome, ID

Septic Tank Maintenance

We are experienced in all aspects of septic maintenance and pumping and will do everything we can to get your tank working correctly again.

A few of the most commonly occurring problems are:

🔴 Clogs: If you’ve recently had your septic tank pumped but find that your toilet is backing up into the bathtub, you may have a clogged septic or sewer line. If you suspect a clog, call us immediately and we can come out and unclog the main drain line or clean out the drain.

🔴 Tree Roots: If trees are planted too close to your septic tank or sewer lines, it is possible for the roots to push their way in and with time, they will eventually block the lines completely. 
No After Hours or Emergency Fees!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for septic tank pumping and cleaning services.

24-7 septic tank pumping and cleaning services
24-7 septic tank pumping and cleaning services
Be sure to contact us immediately at (208) 733-2607 if you find any of these problems and we will work hard to repair them and prevent complete replacement of your septic system if possible!
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🔴 Jerome (208) 324-4905
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What our Customers are Saying

❛❛Needed a rental septic pumped, drove from Jerome to Rupert no extra charge on a Sunday. When tank was opened he new a toilet was running filling the tank up. He looked at the toilet and told me what parts I needed. He also followed me to Ace and helped me get the correct parts. Then left me his cellphone number in case I had problems replacing them. Great service and very helpful and friendly.❜❜

-J. Cole